I was born in Créteil the 24th March 1988. After a chilhood rythmed by a lot of moving out, my parents finally decided to settle down in Normandy. It is thanks to the "côte de nacre" lights that I have made my first steps into photography with disposable cameras.
Graduated with a master degree in urban planning, I will always remember this sentence pronounced by my professor of urban geography : 

" The rural world in its first meaning does (almost) not exist anymore, we (almost) all live under urban conditions".

Indeed, either we live downtown in Paris or in in the deep swedish Lapland, we all live, beside us, under conditions created by urban way of life and our heritage from urbanization or territory developement, whose footprint is getting stronger and stronger everyday on our lifes. This is this sociological relation between human and its environment that facinates me and that defines and guides mainly my photographic practise.

Amateur photographer based in Uppsala, Sweden, my photographs are the results of my daily walks down the streets as well as shoots taken randomly through my trips.